A class created by Katie when she took her love for dance, her high energy, and passion for making people feel good and brought it to The Energy Barre. After 4 years, Cardio Dance has evolved into a dance fitness phenomenon that is a fun and fresh cardio class that boosts your fitness routine & more importantly, your mood! This class incorporates high impact cardio intervals, low impact dance moves, mixed in with full body toning, all choreographed to the beat of your favorite jams! The dances are easy to follow, the moves repeat, and each song is designed to keep your heart rate up while sculpting targeted muscles! No Dance experience is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome to join the fun! It is a class that needs to be experienced for sure! Email Katie with any questions about this class! She would be happy to hear from you!

Katie’s story on the evolution of Cardio Dance:

As a fitness instructor, I am most known for and most proud of my Cardio Dance class that I teach at the Energy Barre and at pop-up events all around!  Since its creation over 4 years ago, it has grown into everything I wanted it to be and more. To give you a bit of a background on how this class came to fruition — It all began when my Zumba classes at the Woburn Y were getting the reputation to be a bit more wild than the rest, a bit more jumpy than the rest & essentially a little less Zumba-y than the rest. Little did I know that all of those qualities of my class that gave me excited butterflies when I taught were the same qualities that people kept showing up for week after week & that felt freaking awesome. Zumba taught me a lot and though it didn’t end up being my favorite style of fitness to teach, it was the stepping stone that lead me in the direction to defining my personal teaching style. Within that time, I found EB and that was when the owner of the studio, Julianna Curtis asked me to bring my own unique style of dance fitness to her studio. I died! So I found a home at EB and that was where my style of teaching evolved into my own class creation — Cardio Dance!!! A class where we traded out the hip sways and salsa shaking for more high intense cardio moves, lots of jumping, with less choreography and a whole lot of girl power!!!! Cardio dance has brought so much happiness into my life — it has become so much more than a class to me, it has become a part of my soul & a piece of my heart, It has giving me the opportunity to dance all over at various events around the state, it has allowed me to meet and dance with so many amazing people around Boston, it has helped define my brand, Fab Fit with Katie, it has helped me contribute to peoples special events & fundraisers, and the best part is that it has become a staple in some people’s weekly fitness routine! I have trained new instructors in Cardio Dance to expand the amount of classes on the schedule because of its popularity at The Energy Barre. And that still doesn’t feel real. The first addition to my Cardio Dance team, was my sister, Brienne.  She is the person who I started this dance journey with over 20 years ago!  Brienne joined the EB team as an instructor in 2016 and is the co-contributor to all of the Cardio Dance choreography.  Cardio Dance could not have achieved its success without the help of my sister. It has been a dream come true to work with Brienne, sharing this passion for dance and bringing it into our classes every week, all the while growing the Cardio Dance program. When it comes to choreographing dances for class, my sister and I spend hours researching songs that fit our style of dancing along with our message of girl-power.  We want our clients to feel strong, confident, fierce and beautiful. 

My goal in all of my Cardio Dance classes is to have my clients feeling strong, confident, fierce & beautiful. It is this belief that has led me to find that if you dance from your heart & you feel good while doing it – your feet follow which is what I tell new clients who may be nervous to take a Cardio Dance class if they do not have any previous dance experience. I have had wonderful chats with ladies from my class telling me stories about how Cardio Dance has made them feel more confident, not only while dancing in class, but also in their day-to-day life. Whether it be certain struggles they are dealing with or times of sadness, they have commented that Cardio Dance has lifted their spirits, boosted their confidence, and allowed them to focus on an hour of happiness for themselves during a time that they didn’t think they could come out of their funk. I love that they have found a happy place within my class!

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